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State of AI Product 2024⚓︎


Take scoble's list of 4000 cmpanies and review them in a product way

Various thoughts⚓︎

  • this page and possibly a report with multiple sub pages will capture my synthesis of the state of ai in 2024
  • could become a yearly thing. Is a living document. Takes stuff from blog, reading list etc.
  • to be published as an academic article somewhere, maybe in arxiv first?
  • maybe usable at work to teach others about AI more conceptually?

Utopia and dystopia⚓︎

It is easy to say human-in-the-loop. Is that more of a marketing exercise? Ultimately, centaurs ( and reverse centaurs ( may be more likely according to Cory doctorow? As we are fumbling our way into this future what happens?


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Best available Human⚓︎

Companies I am looking at⚓︎