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Books and Papers

Infinite Monkeys

A list of emerging books and papers about artificial intelligence that help make sense of how this technology can be applied effectively in business contexts.

Each entry has an abbreviated title, a link to the source document (where available) and a short description of its content. I'm interested in both abstract frameworks and concrete experiments.

  • 💡 concepts and frameworks
  • 🔬 quantitative and qualitative primary data
  • 📈 market trends and secondary data

Read in December 2023⚓︎

Title Description
🔬 Ideas are dimes a dozen LLMs generate more and better ideas faster
🔬 Personalized video advertisements Personalised videos increase ad clicks
🔬 Automated claim matching Classifying social media truth claims
💡 How to use LLMs 4 perspectives on LLMs
💡 Generative Agents Smallville agent simulation
📈 New Future of Work Microsoft presentation on trends
🔬 LLM productivity Microsoft 6 studies
📈 AI and Everything Else Ben Evans SOTA presentation
📈 Open Source SOTA Open Source AI Textbook
💡 Unbundling AI Evolution of AI products and businesses
💡 AI's future Jaron Lanier's take on AI
💡 Function Calling Detailed Function Calling Guide
🔬 life2vec Life trajectory embeddings - Arxiv
🔬 life2vec Life trajectory embeddings - Nature

Read in January 2024⚓︎

Title Description
💡 Can AI be as creative as Humans? Frameworks to test AI creativity